James Donkey HD DUO

Product description


Note: Satellite Receiver needs to be updated to the latest version for full functionality.

1. Online updating (more details in the instruction book)

1.1 Inset a USB stick with at least 500MB space

1.2 Menu-Setup

1.3 Software management

1.4 Flash online

1.5 Wait for a while

1.6 Selected version

1.7 Press green key

1.8 Choose whether to back up user data (select no)

1.9 Select 2

1.10 Wait for download and update automatically


Installation of the receiver

1. Connecting DVB S2 antenna

The receiver is integrated with one DVB-S2 tuner, connecting terrestrial cables to STB for gaining signal quality. You can choose LNB1/LNB2 for connecting depending on the equipment you have.

2. Connecting the TV (and VCR)

The receiver provides a variety of audio/ video connection methods.

2.1 Connecting the TV via HDMI cable for the best picture quality.

2.2 Connecting TV via MINI A/V cable. Digital audio can be connected to the power amplifier through the S/PDIF interface.

3. First Time Installation

The receiver provides various languages, and here you can choose the main language. Use the UP/DOWN key to scroll up and down to find the language you want.


Main Features

Full HD DVB-S2 Digital Satellite Receiver

Enigma2 Linux OS

2*USB Ports

100 Mbps Ethernet Interface

2.4G WIFI Support

Up to 1920*1080@60fps Support

2*DVB-S2 Tuners

Whats Inside

1x James Donkey HD DUO

1x User Manual


1x EU to UK Plug Converter


The dimensions of the satellite receiver: 6.4 * 6.4 * 3 (CM)

The package dimension: 20.8 * 13 * 9.3 (CM)

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